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    時間:2018-08-25 安全的作文 點擊:


      Over the past couple of years, several cases of the food scandal have been disclosed on various media. The problem of food security has become a hot button across society. The prevalence of food insecurity has greatly impacted public health, which the government could not afford to ignore, according to the online edition of the People Daily.

      There are a couple of driving forces, I would argue, behind this undesirable tide. First, in the course of the rapid economic evolution, we ignore moral education, giving rise to the rising rate of the problem. More importantly, the lack of adequate regulation and punishment on those illegal producers enforces the trend.

      As Confucius instructed, it is better late than never. Prompt and strict measures should be taken to turn back this evil trend. The government should launch a massive moral campaign to educate all citizens and draw up tougher laws to crack down on those irresponsible corporations and prohibit them from entering the food industry again. I am firmly convinced that through our combined efforts we are bound to enjoy more risk-free foods in the days ahead.

    熱門標簽: 中國糧食安全 糧食安全國家戰略